Getting Started

The documents contained are intended to educate users on Wethio's technology and to provide developer tutorials and documentation for building solutions on Wethio.
  • For Voters/Stakers: Staking on Wethio Masternodes secures the network and earns rewards. More information can be in our guide on how to connect wallets to Wethio and how to vote.

  • For Masternode Owners: 150 Masternodes work to secure the entire Wethio ecosystem. Each Masternode is a server which uses its computing power to create and sign blocks. For this contribution, Masternodes receive rewards in the form of ZYN. A Masternode must satisfy minimum system requirements in computing power, RAM, and storage to stably maintain the network. A financial requirement of 50,000 TOMO is needed to apply to become a Masternode Candidate. Masternode owners should carefully read our dedicated guide to running a Masternode.

  • For Developers: To support the development of Wethio's ecosystem growth, we are maintaining a set of tutorials and documents on developing Dapps to be run on Wethio. This Dapp tutorial shows how to deploy a smart contract on Wethio. For developers who are curious about Wethio's source code, this private Wethio testnet guides how to setup a private Wethio testnet.



​General ​

Guidelines for getting started with Wethio

​Masternode and DEX​

Step-by-step guide on how to run and vote for Masternodes and setup a DEX

​Developer Guide​

Guides to build Dapps and Services using Wethio


This document explains how to use Wethio APIs

​Whitepaper and Research​

Official Whitepaper documents and research papers on new technology developments

​Legal ​

Terms and conditions for the use of Wethio technology